Kane Cornes tells his story about why he is rethinking his ink and how the world-leading PicoSure technology is helping him do it before pre-season training begins.

Port Adelaide Power’s Kane Cornes has Grand Final victory tattoo lasered

As published in the Sunday Mail, Sunday 2nd November 2014.


It rates as the finest moment of his celebrated career, but Kane Cornes is deleting the memories of Port Adelaide’s 2004 Premiership.

From his body anyway.

Having celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Port’s sole AFL premiership, Cornes has made the decision to have his celebratory tattoo removed from his ankle via laser treatment. He underwent his first session at SILK Laser Clinic in the city last Thursday, a decision the four-time best and fairest says he wrestled with.

“I want to be really careful not to offend any Port people,” he said.

“It’s my 2004 premiership tatt, they are going to be asking what am I doing getting rid of it.

“I just want to make the point that it was a shocking job.

“It was a rush job, and I was a 21-year-old who got caught up in the moment. I went in with 18 of my teammates and I was last. By the time I got in the tattoo artist was probably over it. You can’t even read the writing.

“I don’t regret getting a tattoo, it’s just what I got.”

Cornes is undergoing Silk’s cutting-edge form of laser therapy call PicoSure that will see the disappearance of his tattoo by the beginning of preseason.

“I guess there are a lot of people who have got tattoos and they’ve regretted it,” he said.

“But with the technology now we’re able to get rid of them.

“It’s a little bit more uncomfortable than getting a tattoo but it’s 10 times faster now than what it was.

“I was in at SILK for not much more than five minutes, and pretty much mine will be gone before I get back into preseason training. I had wanted to get it removed for a long time but now the technology is there to do it faster. That’s why I have taken the steps to do so.”

He decided against replacing the original artwork with another piece, instead leaving himself something to strive for.

“If I won another premiership and that is obviously the plan for 2015, well, I wouldn’t discount getting another tattoo,” he said.

“But I would be a lot more clever about the design of it, and put a bit more thought into it.

“Next year I will have a blank canvas. And if I’m in the position where I can make a decision on another one, I’ll do so with a clear head.”

Kane Cornes at SILK Laser
Kane Cornes having his tattoo removed