Essential guide to choosing the right clinic for you:
1. Ask around. If friends or family provide you with positive feedback from a clinic that they have visited then this is a good sign.
2. Ask questions! When you call the clinic to book a consultation, find out if they use an IPL or Medical Grade 4 Laser. Note Medical Grade Lasers directly target the hair follicle which makes it the most effective treatment for permanent hair reduction.
3. At your consultation, make sure that the area you are wanting to treat is properly assesed. Your skin type and hair colour are important factors to determine suitability for laser hair removal. For pigmentation removal, successful treatment will depend upon the type, the age and colour of the affected area.
A test patch should be offered if the technician is concerned the desired results may not be achieved.
4. Ask what the likely outcome is after a course of treatments are completed for your individual situation. Things like hair growth cycle, medications, medical conditions skin and hair type must be considered when a treatment plan is designed for you.
5. Ask for qualifications of the technician. All laser operators should have completed the nationally accredited Laser Safety Course to obtain the knowledge and skill to achieve the best and safest results possible.
6. Look for a clinic that specialises in Laser Hair Removal / Laser Pigment Removal. Be aware of clinics that offer a broad range of treatments as they may not have the same experience or expertise as a clinic that focuses mainly on these procedures.
7. If you are planning to invest a substantial amount of money it is important to feel reassured the clinic will be around to complete your treatments. Ask the clinic if they own or rent their laser. This will help to indicate whether it is an established and successful buisness or not.
8. There is generally a small amount of discomfort when having a permanent hair reduction treatment. If a clinic advertises “pain free” this could be a warning sign that further misleading information will be given
9. Book into the clinic that offers genuine advise and expectant outcomes. It is not possible to achieve a permanent hair REMOVAL but a permanent reduction is achievable.