With the impending launch of Adelaide’s SILK Laser Clinics Injectables campaign, there couldn’t be a better time to start considering the process of your facial rejuvenation. After you have made the decision to investigate Injectables, the process begins with making an appointment for a Consultation with Doctor Zoe Sing or Dr Aparna Lockie at one of SILK Lasers five clinics in Adelaide, Hyde Park, Norwood, Prospect and Elizabeth. At your consultation appointment you will begin by completing a specially designed consent form outlining any past medical history or medication you may be taking that may contraindicate the use of Injectables. Following this you will be greeted by the doctor who will ask you to openly discuss you areas of concern. A full facial assessment will be undertaken in an honest manner discussing the areas which would benefit from potential treatment. The doctor will then discuss the products: Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers, and will provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed decision about your treatment. A series of photographs will be taken for documentation purposes only to be used as comparative before and afters. Time will be taken to answer any concerns or questions you may have about the treatment process or the products used to ensure clients are at ease with the injectables process. At SILK Laser Clinics it is our intention to only make clients aware of all the Products and services that are available to them for consideration now and in the future.

If it is your intention to have a treatment at your consultation appointment, it is vital that you book a session time long enough to make this possible. Dr Zoe Sing, Dr Aparna Lockie and Nurse Lauren will do everything possible to ensure all clients leave this appointment with the information and or treatment undertaken on the day if desired. If it is not possible to undertake the required treatment a future booking will be arranged at the end of the consultation. If a treatment has been undertaken an additional series of photographs will be taken if Dermal Fillers have been used. An individually designed treatment plan will then be formulated and documented that can be implemented at any time over the course of a year by either Zoe, Aparna, or Lauren.


At Adelaide’s SILK Laser Clinics, Doctor Zoe, Aparna and Nurse Lauren strongly encourage all clients to attend a two week post treatment follow up review. Injectables are both an art and a science and though we endeavour to deliver optimal dosing each and every time, every face is unique and individual. In order to maximize the benefit of your investment we strongly recommend clients attend the follow up in order to discuss and review the outcome of the treatment so that an optimal dose can be established for future treatments. The results of Anti Wrinkle Injections will start to take effect after 3 days although its full effect will not be evident for 7-10 days. Though Dermal Fillers effects are mostly immediate, it will take two weeks for the product to settle into its maximum effect. At SILK laser we will endeavour to ensure our clients have received the effect the desire and a two week follow up appointment is very much a part of that process.