Whether you’re a professional cyclist, an amateur bike rider or simply a fan of the Tour de France, you may have noticed a unique physicality of many competitors in this sport. Yes – we are talking about leg hair, well, lack thereof as the case may be! No longer an aesthetic practice reserved for women, at SILK Laser Clinics, we are seeing more and more men choosing to forgo body and leg hair in favor of smooth, bare skin.

For male cyclists and non-cyclists alike, the visual benefit of hair-free legs often appeals to the individual and subsequently entices them to delve in to the world of laser hair removal. Pure and simple, hair acts as a barrier, and removing hair with methods such as laser can visually enhance the muscles and veins created by all of those hours cycling or in the gym. But apart from this aesthetic reason, what are some of the key reasons why cyclists are opting to go hair-free? Well, one of the most controversial and debated motivations is increased aerodynamics. Scoff all you like, studies by a major bike manufacturer have in fact proven quantifiable speed gains with a smooth surface area versus a hairy surface area.

Another reason why more cyclists are choosing to undergo laser hair removal is a practical one – the reduction of negative repercussions resulting from surface injuries, aka ‘road rash’. Any cyclist who has experienced road rash are able to recount how a painful fall was made extraordinarily worse by having to manually clear wound debris which have become mangled in leg hair. Meantime, yet another appealing reason why cyclists are forgoing leg hair are the enhanced results from sports massages as hair-free limbs enable more effective, less painful and more enjoyable massages.

Now, if you’re thinking that shaving is the way to go, consider the fact that if you want to maintain smooth results, you will likely need to shave an average of two times per week, ongoing. You will also need to determine whether the spikey regrowth and risk of unattractive and sometimes painful ingrown hairs is going to be worth the effort. Otherwise known as folliculitis, this unideal infection can also occur in the groin area as a result of the heat and friction generated from cycling.

So, what about waxing? Well, you are still greatly increasing the likelihood of sore ingrown hairs – albeit in a far more painful procedure! This is especially true for male hair as the root of the hair tends to be larger and subsequently the stimulation of follicle nerve-endings is enhanced. The other drawback are the ongoing expenses involved with waxing, as results can only be maintained with monthly waxes. With neither of these options appealing to the increasingly informed consumer, many have turned to laser hair removal due to the permanent, effective and financially appealing nature of this innovative process.

At SILK Laser Clinics, we are welcoming more men into our clinics who have heard about the abounding benefits of laser hair removal from their friends, partners an online research. Indeed, our male laser hair removal clients are no longer simply booking in for the traditional shoulders and back appointments, with full-leg and groin laser treatments becoming more and more popular. If you or somebody you know is interested in finding out more, visit your local clinic today for a complimentary consultation.

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Laser Hair Removal for Cyclists at SILK Laser Clinics