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When undergoing Laser treatments it is important to remember that:
  • At any given appointment only approximately 10-15% of hair may be in the active growth stage and hairs can remain in this stage for 2-7years.
  • Both the client and operator are required to wear protective eyewear designed to filter the specific wavelength generated by the laser, regular eyewear is not designed to do this.
  • There are two cooling systems available at SILK, these are designed to maximize treatment results and maintain client comfort.
  • Clients who are rated a Skin Type IV and above will be required to prepare the skin 2-4 weeks prior to undergoing laser treatment in order to ensure client safety and achieve the best possible results.

At SILK we understand that no two clients are the same, your Treatment Plan has been tailored to treat your specific concerns and part of this process is a correct assessment of your Skin Type.
Your Skin Type has been determined by your Laser Technician based on:
  • Your natural skin, hair and eye Colour.
  • Your skin’s response to the sun.
  • Your Ethnic Origin.
Correctly assessing your Skin Type is important as it ensures your treatments are performed within the correct treatment guidelines as outlined by Candela. It also directly affects your treatment results and can determine if you are required to take additional measures to protect your skins integrity throughout your treatment plan.
To achieve optimal results it is important that you follow this treatment plan as any deviation can affect the overall outcome.


Some key points to note include:
  • Dark hair and fair skin respond most effectively to laser hair removal treatment.
  • Coarse hair responds better than fine hair.
  • Light blonde, grey and white hair will not respond to treatment.
  • Clients rated a Skin Type IV and above or who have a naturally olive complexion will require additional treatments.
  • Clients who are treating fine or light hair growth will require additional treatments.
  • Clients who are treating facial areas, especially hormonal or genetic hair growth, may require ongoing treatments.
  • We recommend that cases of excessive hair growth on the face or body are discussed with a Doctor prior to undergoing laser hair removal. Clients with PCOS or a hormonal imbalance will require ongoing treatment.
  • Treated areas can be shaved in between treatments if necessary but tweezing, waxing, epilating are not permitted.

  • Do not wax, tweeze, epilate or bleach the treatment area for 3-4 weeks prior to laser.
  • Do not expose the treatment area to the sun throughout your treatment plan.
  • Ensure that any fake tan, body moisturizer, makeup, deodorants or perfumes have been thoroughly removed as these can impact your results.
  • All body areas and male facial areas must be clean shaven prior to attending an appointment. If it is not possible then it can be done in clinic however there is a shaving fee of $29/razor.
  • We request that facial areas, spot treatments and review appointments are left unshaven and therefore will not incur a shaving charge.

Maintenance is the key to long lasting results at SILK because only the hairs in the active growth cycle can effectively be targeted at each individual treatment. This means that dormant hair follicles can be triggered after you’ve completed your initial course of treatments by hormonal changes, stress, medication, pregnancy or illness, just to name a few.


To ensure lasting results:
  • At the completion of your recommended treatment plan you will be booked for a Review to assess your results, you will be asked not to shave prior to this appointment.
  • Your technician will prescribe a maintenance plan based on these results.
  • Throughout maintenance you can continue to shave as required however we advise to do this as minimally as possible.
  • SILK Soothing Gel must be applied for 3 days post laser treatment AM and PM in place of any other moisturizer.
  • SILK Face or Body Scrub must be used 2-3 times each week starting 5-7 days post treatment. This product combines a granular scrub with a combination of AHA’s to encourage the treated hair to fall out of the follicle, this can take 2 weeks or more to occur post treatment.
  • Laser, when used in conjunction with the SILK Face or Body Scrub, is excellent in the treatment of ingrown hairs.
  • SPF must be applied to all treatment areas and sun exposure must be avoided at all times.
  • Avoid excessive physical activity, hot showers, pools, spas and saunas for up to 48 hours post treatment.
  • For facial treatments, SILK recommends the use of Colourscience Mineral makeup which can be applied directly after the treatment to calm and conceal the area if needed.
  • When treating underarms, deodorant must not be applied for 12 hours post treatment.


Throughout the treatment your technician will monitor your skin’s response, below are some indications that are normal and can be a sign of an effective treatment. Please note that these indications can last up to 48 hours, should they extend pass this timeframe please contact your clinic.
  • Erythema, or redness, to the treatment area.
  • Peri-follicular edema which is localized swelling of the hair follicle.


In most cases, if you follow our recommended guidelines, potential adverse reactions can be avoided. However below are some of the common reactions that can occur:
  • Hyperpigmentation (darkening) or Hypopigmentation (lightening) of the skin in the treated area.
  • Depigmentation of hair in the treated areas.
  • Herpes Simplex virus activation.
  • Increase in oil or a pustule breakout.
  • Histamine reaction for allergy sufferers, an antihistamine can be taken 1 hour prior to treatment.
  • Slight crusting of the skin and in very rare cases blistering.
  • Purpura or slight bruising can occur generally when a vascular condition is present or when blood thinners, i.e. Aspirin, Warfarin, Vitamin E, Fish or Krill Oil are taken regularly.
  • Development of infection that, in very rare cases, can lead to scarring.
  • Stimulation of inactive hair follicles due inadequate heat absorption during laser treatment.


It is essential to follow to pre & post treatment instructions to minimize the risk of an adverse reaction.


If you have an adverse reaction please contact the clinic immediately to ensure the correct steps are taken to treat the area.


Should you have any concerns throughout your treatment plan please speak with your SILK Laser Technician.
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