There are variety of reasons SILK clients seek more volume in their lips.

Younger clients are often keen to emulate popular style icons of our time while our more mature clients sometimes seek to restore volume that has diminished through normal processes such as aging, genetics and environmental factors.

Some people simply seek out lip augmentation because they have naturally thin lips and desire more fullness.

Whatever your reasons lip fillers can;

  • Restore fullness
  • Correct asymmetries and restore balance to the lips
  • Soften lines and wrinkles around the lips
  • Add volume and shape to naturally thin-shaped lips
  • Add softness and smoothness
Why we use natural dermal fillers

Lip fillers are made from complex sugar chains known as Hyaluronic Acid and are combined with a stabilisation process, giving the fillers structure and longevity. These sugar chains are found naturally in the body and this is why lip fillers are eventually absorbed into the body. Most lip fillers are long lasting, providing enhancement for three to twelve months and sometimes longer depending on each individual’s natural metabolism. We recommend follow up treatments to maintain results.

At SILK Laser Clinics we use the premium dermal filler product available on the market. Depending on the look you wish to achieve whether it be adding volume and enhancing your natural look through or glamorous plumping your SILK Medical Injector will advise on the most suitable dermal filler product. We will work with you to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved.

The process

Lip fillers are administered only by SILK’s fully qualified and trained doctors and nurses.
Meet our medical team.

  • All clients must be 18 years of age and are counselled to establish medical history and address any concerns.
  • Most clients have a numbing gel applied to minimise discomfort
  • Strict medical hygiene standards are observed
  • Filler is applied via a series of small injections to the lips and massaged lightly to smooth.


Luscious Lips at SILK Laser Clinics


Before and After Dermal Lip Fillers






How much do Lip Fillers cost?

At SILK Laser Clinics our starting price for Lip Fillers is $389. This price may vary depending on how much product is required to achieve your desired look and how long you wan the treatment to last.

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