Love your legs by Summer!

Having to constantly shave your legs is a chore, and monthly leg waxing can not only hurt your finances but your skin too! The good news is; we no longer have to put up with this! Thanks to advances in modern technology, lovers of hair free legs can now access highly effective and safe Laser Hair Removal treatments to permanently reduce hair growth on our legs.

As our lives become busier and we are increasingly time poor, Laser Hair Removal delivers fast, effective and permanent results and it’s very very affordable (especially with SILK’s current sale)! By following a course of approximately six to eight laser hair removal treatments, leg hair is significantly reduced to the point where most people can forgo shaving or waxing in the future.

If you start your treatments now you will be binning that razor and cancelling those painful wax appointments by Summer! Imagine being able to slip on a dress for a spontaneous date-night or go to the beach on a whim without having to worry about spiky legs! The added benefit is that unlike waxing, fees are not ongoing and in most cases by completing the course of treatments you will obtain permanent results. Some maintenance ‘top up’ may treatments may be required infrequently.

Look forward to no more rushed and awkward shower shaving sessions, or last minute leg under the bath tap and take advantage of SILK Laser Clinics professional service and commitment to results. With our current ‘Love your legs’ sale with savings of up to 69% it’s a great time to start.

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