Specialized Skin Treatments Price List

Treatment AreaSingle Price
Skin Preparation Package 20% OFF$359
Healthy Skin Package 20% OFF$479
Age Prevention Package 20% OFF$639
Customised Skin Concerns Package 20% OFF$719

What treatments are in each package?

Skin Preparation Package
1 x Starter Peel
1 x Five Point Micro
1 x Advanced Dermal Peel
1 x Skin Recovery Kit
1 x ABC Kit

Healthy Skin Package
1 x Starter Peel
1 x Five Point Micro
2 x Advanced Dermal Peels
1 x Half Face Laser Skin Treatment
1 x Skin Recovery Pack
1 x ABC Kit

Age Prevention Package
2 x Half Face Laser Skin Treatments
2 x Advanced Dermal Peels
1 x Catalyst Retinol & Alpha Beta Peel Double Up
1 x Skin Recovery Kit
1 x Skin Brightening Kit

Customised Skin Concerns Package
3 x Full Face Laser Skin Treatments
3 x Advanced Dermal Peels
Skin Recovery Kit
Skin Detox Kit OR Skin Brightening Kit

*Our staff are able to shave the treatment area using medical grade razors at a cost of $29 per razor.

*Terms and Conditions apply


  • I think SILK have top quality machines that do the job you pay for. I've been to a cheaper place before with no results. I'm now doing touch ups once a year and I love it thanks SILK (Elizabeth)
    Gen, Elizabeth
  • I wanted to thank you personally for the service that I've received so far during my treatment at SILK. While I'm only about half way through my treatments, my results have been out of this world and for someone who has had thick "European" body hair up until now, and had to plan trips to the beach\swimming centre with my kids around my waxing schedule this has been a revelation.You have honestly given me my life back and I am so thrilled to refer you on to anyone and everyone I know. I can't quite figure out why I waited until this point in my life to do it.
    Sharyn, Unley
  • My skin is looking good, rejuvenated and fresh. Everyone at work has been intrigued by the whole process and comment positively every time they see differences. Most are amazed at how well it has worked, as am I. This process has been amazing and satisfying, as I HATED my freckles.I'm very happy!
    Sash, Gumeracha
  • Great prolonged results, quick and painless. Friendly Staff!
    Emma, Burnside
  • SILK have been professional, efficient, and conducive to some excellent results!
    Melody, Ridleyton
  • Should have done this years ago! Beats shaving!
    Nicolle, Windsor Gardens
  • The treatments were quick & painless, and the staff are always friendly & professional. I am really happy with the results!
    Lydia, Adelaide
  • I would recommend SILK to anyone who wants their services. They are fast, effective & long lasting!
    Jessica, Newton
  • Getting Laser Hair Removal is one of the best decisions I've made. You won't regret it!
    Hannah, Adelaide
  • Very happy with the service and results. I used to struggle with ingrowns, but ever since laser I haven't had any issues. No more ingrown hairs!
    Monica, Mawson Lakes