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Please note that all treatment results seen below are real results from SILK clients.

Stomach Tattoo Removal after 4 treatments

Treatment on a stomach tattoo with great clearance after only 4 treatments

Treatment of a Hip Tattoo after 5 treatments

Treatment of a hip tattoo with fantastic clearance after 5 treatments.

Forearm Tattoo Removal - 6 treatments on PicoSure

Treatment of a forearm tattoo with great clearance after 5 treatments on the PicoSure

SILK Laser Tattoo Removal after 2 treatments

Treatment of a leg tattoo with great clearance after only 2 treatments on the PicoSure

Kane Cornes Premiership Tattoo After 4 x Treatments

Kane Cornes Premiership ankle tattoo. Good clearance after 4 treatments on the PicoSure