As the chilly Adelaide Winter sets in, we all tend to cover up and neglect the most important thing in our lives – OURSELVES!

Take action, get yourself ready for Summer and be just 6 months away from looking and feeling better than ever.

Winter is the perfect time to begin Laser Hair /Laser Pigment removal treatments. With less sun exposure during the Winter months, the results achieved will be at their best as the skin is generally lighter. We always recommend minimal sun exposure whilst being treated with our medical grade lasers.

Skin can become dry and dehydrated in the cooler months so keep your glowing summer complexion by treating yourself to a Medical Microhydrabrasion. This treatment works by deeply exfoliating the skin and stimulating blood circulation and cell turnover. Our highly qualified technicians can design a program to suit your needs.

What you decide to do today will make a big difference when the warmer weather comes back to play. Just think of all that extra time you’ll have to spend at the beach next Summer!

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