For all your after treatment needs


At SILK Laser Clinics we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology available in Laser hair removal, by using the the Candela GentleLASE and GentleLASE Pro we ensure our clients have the best possible results.


But those results aren’t just limited to the treatment room; part of our service is ensuring that our clients have the knowledge, support and products available to them to ensure success once they leave the clinic.


SILK Laser Clinics after care protocol includes:

  • The use of SILK Soothing Gel (retail price $45) for three days morning and night after any laser treatments in place of any other moisturiser. This ensures that any redness or swelling of the hair follicle usually present after treatment settles quickly and that any heat left in the skin is released, plus it has an antibacterial property to reduce the risk of any infection occurring in the skin.
  • The use of SILK Body Scrub (retail price $45) starting approximately five days after treatment or once the hair starts to grow through and using it on the area every 2-3 days all the way up to your next treatment is also recommended. The Glycolic Acid, a naturally occurring AHA found in sugar cane, helps to increase water levels within the skin pushing the treated hairs up from underneath ensuring that they fall out before your next treatment. This step is also vital in the treatment of ingrown hairs.
  • Wear an SPF daily and reapply when exposed to the sun as Laser treatments make the skin more photosensitive and prone to sunburn so it is extremely important to wear an SPF at all times even if the area is covered by clothing. If you are treating any facial areas you may want to look at investing in some Jane Iredale mineral make up that provides a physical sunblock of SPF 20 as we are more likely to touch up our make up during a normal day than to reapply sunscreen. Plus Jane Iredale mineral make up is also water and sweat resistant making it the perfect summer accessory.
  • We also recommend that for 24hours after treatment avoid doing anything that is going to create heat within the skin or cause perspiration, for example, no hot showers or baths, steam, saunas or exercise and avoid pools or spas for at least 48hours after treatment. That time directly after treatment the skin is much more sensitive and any excess heat can increase the risk of an infection occurring. If you have a regular training schedule try to plan your appointments around your training, our opening hours (link in to the page with the opening hours) can cater for most schedules.


All of this information is given at the time of your consultation so that you leave feeling confident in your treatment program. But should you have any questions at any time please ensure that you contact your clinic and speak with your technician so that all your questions will be answered.